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Doctors Local That Support Whole Nutrition

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This is a list of medical facilities and doctors in my area of Western NC & Upstate SC that support plant-based nutrition and that I personally know, have worked with, or have been made aware of. I highly recommend all all of them. This list will continually be updated.

Spartanburg, SC

Lawrence McGee, MD / Spartanburg Nephrology & Associates (Kidney Doctor)

I am plant-based and encourage it for all of my patients. I used to push pills and now push lifestyle–plant-based diet, walking, relaxation techniques, and social interaction.

My goal is not to just treat disease, but to improve and hopefully cure.Dr. Lawrence McGee / Nephrologist 

Greenville, SC

Beth Morris Motley, MD, / Family Medicine/Lifestyle Medicine MD, GHS Greenville Family Medicine

I have been trained both in classic primary care as well as in dietary prevention and reversal of disease, and I help individuals to navigate the space between. Often, individuals come to me after having been in the “classic” medicine world for too long, and are ready to take back their health. We will work on dietary changes to reduce your reliance of mediations and put you back on the trajectory of health. Reversing disease with a plant-based diet is so much easier than people may expect!”–Dr. Beth Motley

Paige Gault, MD, / MGC Diabetes & Endocrinology at Pelham Medical Center

Asheville, NC

Brian Asbill, MD / Asheville Cardiology Associates,  – Check out this short 3-minute video of him explaining the success he has seen with plant-based nutrition.

“After 17 years as a full-time cardiologist, I am reminded on a daily basis of how the current US medical system fails both patients and providers.  80% of all causes of death are lifestyle related (tobacco use, poor nutrition and physical inactivity).

We can no longer rely on pills and procedures as the foundation of medical care for the chronic conditions that account for 75% of all health care costs!  We need to help patients and families adopt and sustain healthy behaviors that affect health and quality of life. 

Lifestyle medicine is the best medicine we have for treating, preventing and even reversing these chronic conditions.  See a lifestyle medical practitioner and take back control of your health!”–Dr Brian Asbill / Cardiologist

Sven Jonsson, MD /Park Ridge Hospital/ Family Medicine

Dr. Jonsson uses plant-based nutrition in treating, reversing and also preventing chronic disease. He has a patient-based approach towards nutrition teaching and also support.

George Kim, MD / Advent Internal Medicine

This office is in Polk County, NC.  Dr. Kim also has a plant-based book lending library for patients. He is an amazing doctor and one of the first in our area to support this way of life.

Nunzio Pagano, MD / Asheville Internal Medicine

Vicky Scott / Asheville Gynecology & Wellness

This medical practice has a built-in demo kitchen and plant-based lending library for patients to check out books by Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Esselstyn, and Dr. Tom Campbell.

Nathan Williams, MD/  New Horizons Women’s Cancer Center, Asheville, NC.  gynecological oncologist.

Amazingly supportive of plant-based nutrition and offers Food for Life classes for patients.

If you are looking for a plant-based supportive physician, check out this link, Plant-Based Doctors, to find one in your area.

Stay tuned, as this list is growing regularly!


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