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An Interview with Darren from Plant-Fueled Life

Check out my recent interview with Darren from Plant-Fueled Life. We talked about how I began my plant-based journey, helped my family get healthier, and what I’m doing to help others in my community improve their health. In the interview, you’ll learn:

  • The many health improvements (in addition to losing 40 pounds) that I saw after switching to a plant-based lifestyle
  • How I prepare meals to ensure that I stick to a plant-based diet throughout the week
  • My favorite recipe
  • How I was able to influence my extended family, including my brother and sister, to adopt a plant-based diet
  • The results from my latest blood test
  • The next steps in my journey to help change lives for the better by teaching others about the link between food and good health.

Enjoy the interview! Here’s the link:

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