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PlantPure Frozen Entree Plant-Based Meals Review, Prices, & Suggestions

Living a plant-based lifestyle does require planning and thinking ahead. Being short on time or energy will definitely lead to poor meal decisions when tired or after a long day at work. Anything that will help me stay on track is helpful, and the new PlantPure entrees really piqued my interest.

Normally, I cook every meal we eat from scratch, but sometimes I don’t have time or maybe just do not feel like cooking and cleaning up.

I think we all can agree that everyone needs a break now and then. We do keep leftovers in our freezer, but there are times we just want something different.

I have to admit that I was excited to hear that there are finally plant-based, no-oil, frozen entrees available from PlantPure that I can order and have on-hand for days when I have no time or energy left to cook.

Recently, I ordered the 10-pack of entrees to try out, and my husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the quality and cost of the meals. Here are some of the things I liked right off the bat:

  • Price already includes shipping within the continental US, which was surprising, because shipping frozen foods can be pricey.
  • Individual entree prices are reasonable and range from $7.45-$9.46
  • Order arrived quickly, within 2 days.
  • They were shipped very well packed in dry ice and would easily stay cold if left on my porch after delivery.
  • Ingredients are natural and pronounceable.
  • Sodium content runs from 210-300 mg per serving, so the levels are about the same as the number of calories per serving. Surprisingly good for packaged foods.

This is a breakdown of each meal, ingredient list, prices, and what we thought about them.

“Baked tofu, edamame, carrots, celery, bok choy and green onions in a garlic hoisin sauce over brown rice.” 

Ingredients include cooked brown rice, water, baked organic tofu, edamame beans, carrots, celery, onions, bok choy, green onions, ginger puree, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, corn starch, sea salt, spices, crushed red chilies. Price $8.71

For the Asian Tofu dish, I added a little salt and ground ginger to season it up a bit more. It just needed extra flavor for our taste. Other seasoning possibilities might be soy sauce or amino acids. My husband doesn’t do spicy at all, and I mean zero.

This entree has some crushed red chilies, so he wasn’t’ sure at first, but ended up eating all of it and liked it. We found that only a few of the entrees have a bit of spice to them. For those who don’t care for any heat, extra rice, beans, or vegetables (whatever is available in the refrigerator) can be added to dilute the spiciness. 

“A sweet coconut sauce loaded with potatoes, bok choy, red peppers, carrots, corn and peas over brown rice.”

Ingredients include cooked brown rice, water, potatoes, coconut milk, bok choy, red bell peppers, cashews, carrots, corn, peas, onion, celery, tomato paste, corn starch, agave syrup, curry powder, sea salt, garlic puree. Price $7.77

We thought Japanese Coconut Vegetables was great without any extra seasoning. It is higher in fat (33% of calories from fat) due to containing coconut milk and cashews, so I would suggest limiting this one to an occasional treat and only eat one serving. Add extra rice, a baked potato, or side salad.  This is a gluten-free option.

“Sweet bourbon sauce with chewy soy curls, squash, eggplant and other hearty veggies over brown rice.”

Ingredients include cooked brown rice, eggplant, water, diced tomatoes, soybeans, zucchini, butternut squash, soy sauce, onions, red and green bell peppers, organic ketchup, agave syrup, garlic puree, corn starch, bourbon whiskey, apple cider vinegar, concentrated apple juice, ginger puree, dried yeast, spices, crushed red chilies. Price $8.33

We really enjoyed this Sweet Bourbon vegetable dish. Though slightly spicy due to the crushed red peppers, it has a great flavor and the soy curls are terrific! The fat content in this dish is only 15% of calories, which is very good for a packaged meal. 

“A creamy red curry sauce with broccoli, chickpeas, carrots, green beans and red peppers over whole grain pasta.”

Ingredients include cooked whole wheat pasta, water, carrots, chickpeas, broccoli, green beans, coconut milk, red bell peppers, onions, roasted peanuts, soy sauce, tomato paste, red curry paste, sesame seeds, corn starch, and sea salt. Price $7.56

Thai Drunken Veggies is one of my favorites. I love pasta and curry mixture. Though it has coconut milk, peanuts, and sesame seeds, the percent of calories from fat is only about 22%. I did add a little extra salt.

An exotic nutty, sweet sauce with chunks of sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and chickpeas on a light bed of couscous.”

Ingredients include whole-wheat couscous, diced tomatoes, sweet potatoes, water, onions, chickpeas, peanut butter, celery, coconut milk, roasted peanuts, carrots, corn starch, ginger puree, sea salt, garlic puree, curry powder, spice. Price $7.45

African Stew is probably my husband’s favorite. It has a great peanutty sweet flavor. No seasoning, other than a little salt, was needed for us.

“Kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, carrots, peppers and garlic in a smoky creole sauce over brown rice.”

Ingredients include cooked brown rice, red kidney beans, diced tomatoes, onions, water, celery, carrots, poblano peppers, garlic puree, chipotle peppers, apple cider vinegar, molasses, spices, sea salt, onion powder, smoke flavor, thyme. Price $7.68

Smokey Creole Beans & Rice has a very smokey flavor. It’s not spicy and has a chili bean taste and feel to it. This is a gluten-free option.

“Baked tofu, kale, peppers, carrots and broccoli in a peanut curry sauce over fluffy couscous.”

Ingredients include whole-wheat couscous, water, baked tofu, kale, peanut butter, red and green bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, onions, roasted peanuts, rice vinegar, ginger puree, agave syrup, soy sauce, sriracha chili sauce, curry powder, corn starch, sea salt. Price $8.98

Peanutty Buddha Bowl has chunky baked tofu and a bit of a spicy kick.

It’s not overwhelming, and I liked it a lot. It has the most vegetable chunks of all the meals. It is very high in fat (55% of calories coming from fat), so I would suggest limiting this one to an occasional treat and only eat one serving. Add extra rice, a baked potato, or side salad. 

“Asian vegetables and whole-grain noodles tossed in a sweet creamy chili sauce with a hint of ginger and lime.”

Ingredients include cooked whole wheat pasta, broccoli, peas, carrots, red bell pepper, onions, coconut milk, water, tahini, cashews, sriracha chili sauce, lime juice, soy sauce, ginger puree, sesame seeds, sea salt, xanthan gum. Price $8.09

Garden Sesame Noodles are very good. I loved the big chunks of broccoli, peas, and carrots. It has a little bit of spice but was perfect for me. It is a little higher in fat due to the coconut milk, tahini, and cashews (33% of calories from fat).  

I would definitely only eat one serving and would add a side salad or baked potato. 

“Italian-flavored tofu veggie balls in a classic sweet marinara sauce over whole-grain spaghetti noodles.”

Ingredients include tomatoes, cooked whole wheat pasta, tofu vegetable balls, water, onions, cooked bulgur, celery, onions, bread crumbs, walnuts, wheat gluten, soy sauce, water, onions, green bell pepper, red wine, tomato paste, agave syrup, corn starch, spices, garlic puree, apple cider vinegar, dehydrated garlic, sea salt, soy sauce, onion powder, fancy molasses, chili powder. Price $9.46

Spaghetti & Italian Meatballs is delicious! The ‘meatballs’ really have great texture and flavor, and there are six of them. No extra seasoning needed at all. Surprisingly only 17% of calories from fat. 

“A hearty chili with beans, hominy, peppers, corn, and spices poured over a bed of whole-grain macaroni pasta.” 

Ingredients include cooked navy beans, water, cooked brown rice pasta, yellow hominy corn, poblano peppers, onions, red bell peppers, corn, celery, white vinegar, corn starch, garlic puree, sea salt, lime juice, dried yeast, cilantro, spices, chili powder, agave syrup. Price $8.00

White Bean Chili Mac is quite good too. It needed a little bit of salt for our taste, but no other seasoning was necessary. If you want extra spice in this dish, I would suggest chili powder and/or maybe liquid amino. This is a gluten-free option.

Important Meal Tips from PlantPure:

We have designed our meals for a variety of taste preferences, and have tried to hit the middle ground. If any of our meals do not meet your own taste preferences, please consider these tips:

*NOT ENOUGH FLAVOR? Try sprinkling on a little more salt, or perhaps add a dash of liquid aminos, soy sauce, garlic powder, or your favorite herb blend.

*NOT ENOUGH SPICE? Try adding hot sauce, pepper, or diced jalapeno.

*TOO SPICY? Try adding more vegetables, grains, or pasta, because spreading a sauce over more veggies or grains will dilute the heat.

This is a list of things that you need to be aware of as you consider ordering:

  • Each boxed entree weighs 1 lb (454 grams) and says that it is two servings. My husband and I eat more than 8 oz at each meal, so it would definitely only be one serving for us unless we added something else such as side salad, corn on the cob, baked potato, bread, or extra vegetable dish.
  • Orders must be made in 10 or 20-packs (no individual meals), and the only way to pick and choose which entrees you want is to order from the 20-pack A La Carte. I would love to see the 10-pack also be A La Carte, so we could get just the meals we enjoy most with a 10-pack order. Hopefully, that will be an option in the future.
  • 10-pack order cost $101.25, which includes shipping within the continental US.
  • 20-pack order is $159.79, and you have the option of 2 of each entree or Build-Your-Own-Pack.
  • A few of the meals–African Stew, Japanese Coconut Vegetables, Peanutty Buddha Bowl, and Garden Sesame Noodles–are higher in fat due to using coconut milk, sesame seeds, peanuts, cashews, etc. However, we still eat these foods occasionally, so it is not a problem for us. Stick to one serving.
  • There are three gluten-free meals: Smokey Creole Beans & Rice, Japanese Coconut Vegetables, White Bean Chili Mac.
  • Ovens are not recommended for cooking entrees. The two options are microwaving (6 minutes) or a Hot logic mini warming tray that is available through PlantPure.
  • Meals are not 100% organic and non-GMO, though some of the ingredients are. “We have made a strategic decision to produce this initial line as affordably as possible so that we can expose as many people as possible to the healing powers of a plant-based diet. We chose this approach, rather than focusing first on a far smaller group of more affluent consumers. We believe this was the most compassionate approach.”
  • There is a FAQ on the PlantPure website, if you have more questions.

An additional great benefit is for those traveling because these can easily be packed in a cooler. Whether visiting family that is not plant-based or staying in a hotel, these meals could be a great option to stay on a healthy track.

We will certainly be ordering more meals to keep on hand for those crazy busy and tiresome days.

It is comforting to know there will always be a fast meal option ready to eat in 6-minutes flat. That leaves no excuses for making poor health choices when we are hangry  (AKA: ‘hangry’–when you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both).

PlantPure also offers Meal Starter Kits & Dressings–10 Starters + 2 Dressings is $69.

PlantPure Kitchen Starters are designed to bring you a delicious array of plant-based entrees and sauces while making the cooking process easier. Our starters provide a variety of ethnic cuisines as well as traditional all American dishes.

We provide the flavor and sauce components while you build the meal from fresh produce and grains that you buy at your local store. We even provide suggestions for how you can customize these meals to your own preferences. These starters make building healthy plant-based meals fun and creative. And each packet is good for the preparation of 4 one pound servings!”

This is not a sponsored article, and I have not received compensation or products for writing this review.

Plant-Based Vegan Starter Kits $27

Vegan Plant Based Starter Kit
Click photo above to see Starter Kit options and content. Choose which book comes in your kit. $27 plus shipping in US only.


Saturday 16th of November 2019

Thank you for this review. It was very helpful. I can eat food that has gluten, but not food with added gluten, as it is too much and I can become very ill. I avoid foods with added gluten since my third episode where I ate fake meat made with gluten. It takes me flat out for two days and a third day I am recovering and am weak from the thrashing I experience. Day one, I wish I could be knocked out to escape the excruciating pain and sensation that my stomach is going to explode. Day two, better but still intense pain in my stomach. Twice my experience was from eating fake meats, once from eating a bagel with gluten as an ingredient.

Husband and I eat plant based now since 2015. I'm 60 and am gaining weight, but I cheat and eat cookies and other muffins when out to social functions or out at a restaurant. And when we eat out I know there is oil in our food. So quick meals we can eat at home would help a lot. And knowing which are high in fat is a big help.


Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Thank you for your review. The Code EATPLANT-BASED.COM doesn't work. Is there a different code for $10. off a 20 Pack?

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Dan, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. It has been fixed, so should work for you now. :)

Rick Walker

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

Way too much dependence on coconut.