Top Plant-Based Recipes & Articles of 2019

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What a year 2019 has been in the plant-based world! So much has happened, and EatPlant-Based has been hard at work cranking out the best whole food plant-based recipes, tips, success stories, and news to keep you motivated and in the know. This is a review of our top viewed posts in 2019.

photo collage of top 25 plant based recipes and articles of 2019

Growing interest in WFPB diet

Where a whole food plant-based diet may have seemed extreme just a few years ago, now it is all the rage with top athletes and Hollywood stars coming on board. The movement is gaining traction and with good reason.

Some people are making the switch to a whole-food plant-based (WFPB) diet due to chronic health issues and others are changing to help save the planet or to reduce the suffering of animals.

Many now agree that, regardless of the reason, a plant-based lifestyle is one of the best things we can do for our health and our planet.

EatPlant-Based is a WFPB Oasis

Here at EatPlant-Based, we are honored and excited to help spread the plant-based message. We hope to be an oasis for those seeking wellness and restored health through a plant-based diet. That’s why we share delicious recipes, handy kitchen tips, encouraging success stories, helpful beginner guides, and the latest research reports.

Review of EatPlant-Based Top Viewed Posts

This is a review of our top recipes and articles in 2019 that have helped folks around the globe live healthier and happier lives. Hopefully, you’ll find some great information to help you on your way too.

Best Recipes & Articles of 2019

This is a list of our most viewed and shared recipes and articles in 2019. We are changing lives one healthy spoonful at a time!

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  1. Great selection! These dishes are absolutely mouthwatering! Thank you very much for sharing these recipes and attaching the links! I tried your vegan broccoli casserole, and it was fantastic!

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