Proof, I’m Getting Younger, Not Older…

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health benefits of plant based diet

Last year it was time to  get my license renewed. In North Carolina, we only have to renew every 8 years. In the picture above, left side is 2007 at age 40. The right side is now at age 48.

Over the last 3 years, people have been telling me I look younger. I wrote a blog about our local grocery store revoking my senior citizen’s discount, and you can read about it HERE.

health benefits of plant based diet

It’s less about looking younger, and more about looking healthier. Being healthy makes you FEEL young, and it shows!

In the first picture, I was dealing with a lot of health issues– thyroid, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, inflammation and pain in joints, sleep issues, and hormonal troubles.

There is tiredness in my eyes. But, in the second picture it’s obvious I’m healthier–eyes, skin (looks better and a little color shows I’ve been outside mountain biking with my hubby, which is something I could have never done before=feeling younger), weight, and just overall better health.

When you are healthier, you feel younger, and that is what this post is about–not youth, as in wrinkles, but youth, as in health.

It’s the food!

Even if I knew my life would not be extended by even a day, I would still make these healthy lifestyle changes because now I know what truly feeling good at this stage of my life feels like.

I feel like I’m getting younger, just like Benjamin Button!

health benefits of plant based diet

To read about my journey back to health and see Before & After pictures, click HERE.

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