Thanksgiving & Headstands with Family

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This is how we roll!

Get-togethers with my family are never ‘normal.’ We are NOT your average family, and that used to embarrass me when I was younger. Well, there are times now that they still embarrass me, but mostly life around this crew is just plain fun–lots of laughter and pure happiness. I have three brothers, two sisters, all of their husbands and wives, and children, and my parents.

My oldest brother, Michael, is a competitive freak! He will not be outdone by anyone, even though he is now 46 years old. He is very athletic and this year qualified for the Boston Marathon. So, this Thanksgiving, I challenged him to a headstand competition because I’ve been doing yoga for awhile now and thought I had a chance to win.

I have never beaten my brother at anything my whole life, until Friday. Please mark it down in the books that Friday, 11/28/14, I challenged Michael to a headstand contest which he, in his extremely competitive spirit, eagerly accepted. And with all the humility that I’m capable of mustering at this moment, I would like to announce that I stomped his butt all over the place! I WIN!! GO ME!

This room was filled with a ton of people, laughing, clapping, filming, and taking photos. It was very LOUD! And we had just finished eating a very large Thanksgiving meal.


The competition began with me setting up to go into a headstand, all by myself.


And then Michael, trash-talking the whole time, had assistance from our brother, Tommy, because he couldn’t get up by himself, LOL! And he had to help to steady himself. Gotta love Tommy’s face in these! The whole room was going wild!


He was unable to completely finish because his head was bothering him. However, he did MUCH better than I had expected! He said he let me win, but HAHA! No way!

I WIN! First time I ever beat him at anything my whole life!

This is what my insane family does on Thanksgiving!

Please also keep in mind that only a few years ago, we were both overweight and not in the best of health. This is pure fun!! My health story

What am I thankful for? MY FAMILY and MY HEALTH!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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