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Doctors were wrong when they told Arthur Boorman, former American paratrooper, that he would never be able to walk unassisted again due to injuries he sustained in the Gulf War.

Arthur Boorman | Most Inspirational

Life-changing inspiration

For 15 years, he believed them and lived his life on braces and in a wheelchair. Then something amazing happened!

When I first saw this 5-minute video in 2013, I had just started my journey back to health. It moved and inspired me more than I can express.

Arthur Boorman’s determination is infectious.  This video is what piqued my interest in yoga, which helped change my life too. Read my story and see before and after pictures HERE.

Never Give Up 5-minute video

If you need a little encouragement, please watch this all the way to the end (it’s less than 5 minutes). Arthur Boorman’s ‘after’ pictures are the most dramatic I’ve ever seen.

More about Arthur Boorman vegetarian

Read the article Prevention did on Arthur Boorman, click HERE. In it, he says,

“Lord knows how much I spent on diet books. What Dallas sent me was so simple. And it worked. It’s extremely low in gluten, and high in vegetables. Dallas was using small amounts of meat, chicken, and fish. I’m a vegetarian and used things like tofu and tempeh. That worked really well for me.”

Our plant-based starter kits are a great way to begin this new healthy lifestyle because they include a book, a set of DVD lectures from Dr. Neal Barnard, and a folder full of helpful literature from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Chair yoga

I realize that some people reading and watching Authur’s story are confined to a chair or wheelchair, so I wanted to include a link to a video on Wheelchair Yoga for Beginners. For those who might want more cardio exercise, this Mini Wheelchair Cardio Exercise should help.

For seniors and beginners, this Improve Coordination Brain Body Exercise video might be what you’re looking for.

Other inspirational articles

Want more amazing encouragement? Check out these other Whole Food Plant-Based Diet (WFPB) Success Stories.

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yoga for beginners
This is a great yoga DVD set that I actually own. Click to view on amazon. Affiliate link.


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