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WFPB Diet Weight Loss: Esther’s Story

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At 75 years of age, Esther Loveridge was able to get off all of her medications, lose 130 lbs, avoid surgery, and start living again by simply switching to a whole food plant-based diet.

Esther Loveridge whole food plant based diet weight loss

By: Esther Loveridge

Overweight and in pain

Back in July 2016, at the age of 72, I weighed 257 pounds and was having considerable knee pain which hindered my ability to travel, so I went in to see my doctor and discuss what might be done to help.

After looking at the x-rays, my doctor informed me that my knees were almost bone on bone, but he could not even refer me to orthopedics for possible knee replacements until I lost 70 pounds. I was stunned because losing that much weight seemed insurmountable!

Esther Loveridge and her husband before photo

Whole food weight loss diet

Fortunately, a dear friend had given me a book about whole food plant-based nutrition by Dr. John McDougall called, *The McDougall Program for Maximum Weight Loss.  I began reading it immediately, because I was desperate. I did not want to continue using pain medication and wanted to have a choice in having knee replacements, if necessary, so I could continue to travel.

After finishing the book, I made the big decision to follow Dr. McDougall’s program. My body was going to be my own laboratory, and I would put the book to the test. I believed that if I followed it completely, I would know that it was responsible for any improvements in my health.

It didn’t seem like it was any time at all before I started losing inches and after just a few weeks, I was off my pain medications.

Eating healthy while traveling

My husband and I love to take cruises, and I was happy to learn that travel did not have to hinder me from keeping my commitment to eating a healthy plant-based diet.

I learned that I could have steel-cut oatmeal (yes, I did have to ask for it) and fresh fruit for breakfast and a big salad with balsamic vinegar for lunch. I even discovered that the cruise line had a special menu for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free guests which gave me some options.

Most of the time, I just asked for a salad, a sweet potato, a side of broccoli, and a cup of fresh berries for dessert. I proved to myself that under any circumstances, I could enjoy the benefits of eating this way.

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Regaining health and getting off medications

Now at 75 years old, I have lost a total of 130 pounds and reduced my dress size from 26 to a size 6. I have even lost 5 inches off each knee!

 I have been able to come off of 5 medications (statins, pain, sleep, lithium, and thyroid), reversed my prediabetes, and no longer even need the knee replacements.

I no longer suffer from diverticulitis, GERD, or constipation. And as an added benefit, my vision has improved twice in the past few years!  In December of 2018, my ophthalmologist said, “With your eyesight, you do not even have to wear glasses anymore.”

My energy level is high, and I want to spread the good news to everyone. I have a new passion for telling anyone who will listen about the benefits of eating this way.

My husband initially said “I could never eat like you,” but he now follows a diet of no animal or dairy products and has reaped the health benefits as well. Life is good!

The next chapter of my life

I am so thankful for Dr. McDougall and a plant-based diet for saving my life and the ripple effect it is having on my family and friends.

Since beginning my new health journey, I have started a Facebook page where I share posts to inspire others to realize that it is never too late to begin their own journey towards health.

Esther was happy to have her photo on the cover of the August 5th issue of Woman’s World magazine as pictured below.

Woman's World Magazing with Esther Loveridge

*NOTE: Dr. John McDougall has a much newer book called The Starch Solution that is the updated version of The Maximum Weightloss book that Esther read.

This is a video of Esther revealing her weight loss

Follow Esther on her Facebook page “Esther’s Nutritional Journey” and Youtube

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