Plant-Based Diet Starter Kit

So you have made the big decision to take control of your health and join the whole food plant-based lifestyle movement. Congratulations, you’ve just made one of the best decisions of your life! But now you may be wondering where in the world to begin.

Vegan Plant Based Starter Kit

Starting a new way of life and health is like beginning a journey, so it’s helpful to have some guidance as you embark on this new adventure. To help you get started, we have pulled together some of the best resources available from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (shipping within the continental US only)

Plant-Based Starter Kits Include:

Your choice of ONE of the following books, a DVD set of lectures, plus all of the materials listed below. Each of these books contains meal-planning ideas and recipes in the back.

Also included with your choice of book:

  • DVD set (2 discs) with seventeen 10-15 minute Food for Life lectures from Dr. Neal Barnard, President of the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine
  • Healthy Eating for Life / Food Choices for Cancer Prevention and Survival booklet (19 pages)
  • Vegetarian Starter Kit booklet (15 pages)
  • Diabetes and Diet Recipes for Success booklet (4 pages)
  • Nutrition for Kids booklet (25 pages)

The Plant-Based Vegan Starter Kit will get you up and running with your new healthy lifestyle. To order with your debit card, credit card, or PayPal, click the link below.

Scroll down to choose the book included with your Plant-Based Starter Kit.

Shipping is available in the continental US only.

The Vegan Starter Kit book by Dr. Neal Barnard
Starter Kit with Vegan Starter Kit book / $35 plus tax and $5 shipping
Starter Kit with Vegan Starter Kit book + Webinar Option


21 day kickstart book
Starter Kit with KickStart Book / $35 plus tax and $5 shipping
Starter Kit with KickStart book + Webinar Option


Dr. Neal Barnard reversing diabetes book
Starter Kit with Diabetes Book / $35 plus tax and $5 shipping
Starter Kit with Diabetes book + Webinar Option


Cancer Survivor Guide
Starter Kit with Cancer Book / $35 plus tax and $5 shipping
Starter Kit with Cancer book + Webinar Option


power of foods for the brain book
Starter Kit with Brain Book / $35 plus tax and $5 shipping
Starter Kit with Brain book + Webinar Option


Plant-Based Success Stories

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