How to Increase Bone Density Naturally

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We are all concerned about bone density as we age, and Dr. Amy Lanou, Ph.D. helps us understand what we can do to help ourselves in this article.

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How to Increase Bone Density Naturally

Fracture rates are highest in countries that consume the most dairy and calcium. Countries that consume little or no milk, dairy or calcium supplements have 50% to 70% lower fracture rates.

The World Health Organization coined the term the calcium paradox because the places where they’re told to ‘drink milk for strong bones’ are the places we’re seeing much higher rates of osteoporosis!–Amy Lanou, PhD, University NC-Asheville

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Dr. Amy Lanou, PhD

In November 2014, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies interviewed Amy Lanou, Ph.D.,  Senior Nutrition Scientist for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine about The 4 Keys to Strong Bones. 

When Dr. Lanou was asked if she disagreed with the current recommendations for bone health then what would she recommend, she answered:

  • ONE Choose a diet very rich in plant foods and extremely limited or completely absent of animal food. This helps produce overall good health.
  • TWO Pay attention to getting a good variety of foods from plant sources. There are 17 different nutrients that bones need. We need to take the emphasis off of calcium and focus on a diet that will create an environment in the body in which bones want to make new bone and not un-form or break down. To do that we need a healthy, whole foods, plant-based eating style and we need to move our bodies.
  • THREE Exercise. The literature demonstrates it does not have to be high intensity or weight lifting, but it does need to be regular. Walking, dancing, gardening etc are all fantastic activities for bones! Hiking is also great, even better than walking on a treadmill because when you’re on a treadmill you use the same muscles and bones over and over again. If you are walking on a trail you’ll do some side-to-side, climbing, you might be going downhill, you’re going to stress the bones in different directions- in ways that you wouldn’t get on stationary equipment. I also recommend that people use their arms! Knead bread, garden, or do yoga!
  • FOUR Know your vitamin D status. If it’s not adequate, work with your health-care provider to get it back to adequacy.

SUMMARY Eat a plant-based diet then go outside and play!


Check out the interview with Amy Lanou, Ph.D.,  by  T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and learn about her latest research and what the current strategy for the treatment and prevention of bone health typically includes.

The whole interview can be found HERE.

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