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Vegan Grilling

Contrary to popular belief, there are lots of grilling for vegan options including veggie kabobs, black bean burger, portobello burgers, carrot dogs, corn on the cob, and grilled leeks.

collage of vegan grilling recipes kabobs, burgers, carrot dogs for pinterest
collage of vegan grilling recipes kabobs, burgers, carrot dogs
collage of vegan grilling recipes kabobs, burgers, carrot dogs with title
vegan grill recipes


Sunday 17th of October 2021

Terri, your website is a husband was diagnosed with heart disease and after reading the China Study and two books put out by Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn we made a decision to go 100% plant based diet omitting oils...nuts and avocados...your website has been an answer to our eating such wonderful dishes...Thank you so husband has lost 40 pounds and I've lost 32 pounds...without going hungry or losing our sweet tooth...Thank you making this journey an awesome experience.

Terri Edwards

Monday 18th of October 2021

Hi Laura- That is amazing and congratulations to you and your husband for such great success! I absolutely love hearing that the website has been helpful in helping you guys accomplish your health goals. Thank you SO MUCH for leaving such wonderful news!


Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Would it work okay if I slice the tofu before marinating? Thanks for the recipe's! :) Pam

Wednesday 6th of April 2016

Yes! I slice mine before marinating and didn't realize I had typed it in the blog backwards. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. :)

Judith (Judy) Kirkland

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Terri, I enjoyed our class last night at the Gibbs Cancer Center in Spartanburg. This morning I had oatmeal with blueberries. Can't believe I did not have my standard 2 boiled eggs. Off to the grocery store for healthy items. Look forward to seeing you next week.

Wednesday 13th of January 2016

Judy, your message makes my heart happy. Smiling big from behind the keyboard here. :D I am looking so forward to spending the next few weeks getting to know you. Exciting times ahead!


Thursday 10th of September 2015

My tofu always seems to stick to the grill when turning. I also freeze my tofu before marinating. Any tips? Thanks


Thursday 10th of September 2015

Susan, tofu does stick to the grill for sure. Three things that I've found to help a little are: slicing thickly, marinating well, and making sure grill is very hot before placing them on it. They will still stick some, but these tips make it a little better. I guess it's a good thing they stick some, it means they are much lower in fat that meat. :)


Saturday 4th of July 2015

Your Asian sauce sounds so yummy! And bonus that it's super easy to throw together. I agree that it is so nice not having to worry about contamination with marinades. Love your newsletter and I'm sharing it with my friends :)

Happy Independence Day!


Sunday 5th of July 2015

Jennifer, I hope you enjoy the Asian sauce. I use it for so many things--marinate, dipping sauce (even for steamed artichokes), rice seasoning, and more. I really appreciate your sharing my newsletter with friends too! :)