Teachers Learn about Nutrition on ‘The Big Fat Truth’ (from producers of Biggest Loser)

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the big fat truth

School teachers are unsung heroes that spend long hours confined to classrooms with students constantly vying for their attention. When they get home, they are emotionally exhausted from giving everything.

It is easy to understand how their own health can get penciled in at the bottom of their schedules if it makes the list at all.

Nobody touches more lives than teachers. But, when teachers give everything they have to the students, what’s left for them at the end of the day? In a recent poll for careers directly linked to weight gain, teachers ranked 3rd.

So it’s no surprise that over half of  all teachers report gaining significant weight on the job. It’s time to take these teachers to school and show them the steps to a healthy lifestyle.” –-Producer, JD Roth

Teachers Cherrell, Lisa, Brianna, Johnny, and Jenny come to Roth’s classroom with some chronic illnesses that could become quite serious– a fatty liver with the potential for cirrhosis, prediabetes, dangerously high LDL levels, and more. After 90-days on a plant-based diet, all of that changes drastically!

the big fat truth

“There’s so much disease in my family due to weight gain. It is so irresponsible of me to be heavy, but yet I am, ” says Lisa, a 1st-grade teacher who was confronted with LDL levels (the bad cholesterol) that were some of the highest ever seen in Roth’s years of doing weight loss shows like ‘The Biggest Loser.’ 

Brianna was unknowingly consuming 3,760 calories a day. Roth shocks her with a math lesson on her caloric intake. See the one minute clip below.

After only 10 days of changing to a plant-based lifestyle, all but one of the teachers experienced amazing results. But that one teacher had some serious problems and had to stay after class. She did not stick with the program, and her blood test results forced her to come clean about it.

In only the first 1-1/2 weeks, the teachers had the following results.

  • Brianna lost 15 lbs and dropped her cholesterol by 45 points.
  • Johnny lost 11 lbs, and his insulin level went from 13 to 7.
  • Lisa lost 15 lbs, and her cholesterol went from 231 to 168.
  • Cherrell shed 16 lbs.
  • Jenny lost 10 lbs, but her triglycerides actually went up.

Roth was shocked by Jenny’s blood test results and told her that he asked her son how she was doing, and her son said that they had been eating meat.

When confronted with this information, Jenny confesses that she is overwhelmed with the ‘no meat’ issue and did not know how or what to cook for her family.

Roth sends Jenny for a cooking lesson with his wife, nutritionist Christine Roth, who demonstrates how easy and tasty sauteing in vegetable broth can be and how simple it is to make a delicious plant-based meal.

Check out this short clip and article, Cooking without oil is a healthy technique featured on ‘The Big Fat Truth’.

Contestants get a surprise guest at the halfway point (45 days) for some exercise and fun. Plant-Based extreme athlete Rich Roll–named ‘One of the Fittest People in the World’ by Men’s Fitness Magazine–explains how he went from being overweight and out of shape, to running 5 Ironman contests in 5 days.

We all have a story…but the truth is, we have a tremendous amount of control over that story. So this whole journey always comes down to mindset.”–Rich Roll

After 90 days, all five teachers have life-changing experiences and success–9 inches lost from waists, 44 lbs weight losses, improved cholesterol and glucose levels.

Every one of the contestants started this journey with weight in the 200’s and ended in the 100’s. A major accomplishment! All of them received an A+ and lessons to last them a lifetime.

Watch the Full Second Episode of The Big Fat Truth online HERE.

Z Living invites everyone to join their Big Fat 30-Day Challenge and receive 30 days of health and wellness tips from JD Roth. Sign up on their website.

This is a sneak peek of Episode Three coming up this Sunday (June 25th) where the contestants will be four overweight chefs that are all professional eaters in danger of losing it all.

The Big Fat Truth airs Sundays on Z Living at 8 p.m. EST. Watch the Premiere show online or find where to watch by checking out this link.

If the Z Living Network isn’t carried on your cable provider, reach out to them and tell them that you want to watch Z Living. Believe us, they listen! Here’s how to get in touch.”

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JD Roth’s book, The Big Fat Truth, is available on Amazon. Click to view.

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