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Wall of Fame-EatPlant-Based

T Colin Campbell and Terri with EatPlant-Based

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., co-author of ‘The China Study’


Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic and author of Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease


Rip Esselstyn and Terri with EatPlant-Based

Rip Esselstyn with Engine 2 Plant-Strong.

Dr. Jim Loomis, Medical Director of The Barnard Medical Clinic in D.C.


Dr. Tom Campbell, co-author of ‘The China Study’


Plant-Based Cooking Summit 2016 with Dr. Colin Campbell and Terri Edwards of


Dr. Michael Klaper from True North and Nutrition Based Medicine

campbell family at global roots summit

Campbell family at Global Roots Plant-Based Cooking Summit 2016

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