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Fascia-Change Tissue Issues

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About a month after I began my plant-based journey, my joints that had been inflamed and painful for years began to feel much better, and I decided to start trying to do some yoga to help stretch them out more. That’s when I learned about fascia for the first time.

Benefits of yoga on fascia

It didn’t take long to realize the health benefits of yoga. Within a few weeks, my flexibility and strength had improved tremendously.

Even though I wasn’t aware of the exact science behind it until recently, I understood that when I practiced, I felt my muscles and tendons were breaking out of a sheath or some kind of restriction they had been in. Like when a snake goes through the inch-by-inch process of loosening and shedding its old restraining skin.

I was not aware that this is connective tissue throughout our bodies called fascia.

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Breaking fascia that binds us

Fascia becomes binding and restrictive without regular stretching like yoga. Have you ever watched a new baby continuously stretch out their legs and arms and noticed how good it seems to feel to them?

That’s what they’re doing as they are growing–breaking loose the fascia and freeing their muscles and tendons. Without it, we adults, through stress, trauma, and chronic tension, get locked into permanent posture patterns that over time can debilitate our bodies. Fascia pain can be very painful.

fascia fitness in human body
Change the issues in the tissues, and relieve that fascia pain.

Regular exercise is not enough

Even regular exercise doesn’t resolve the issue. This is also why spontaneous stretching feels so good–just leaning back in a good yawn and stretching your arms up and back. Heck, even our pet dogs and cats are continuously stretching out of instinct!

The health benefits of yoga are undeniable! 

Take a minute to watch the short clip (above) of fascia in the body magnified 25X. So amazing! The article linked below from the Huffington Post is very informative too.

And for goodness sake, stretch and break some of that stuff loose, and free yourself! It’s made a huge difference in my health! Change the issues in the tissues, and relieve that fascia pain.

More information on yoga and fascia

Creating Change: Tom Myers on Yoga, Fascia and Mind-Body Transformation

Arthur Boorman former American paratrooper

For 15 years, Arthur Boorman lived his life on braces and in a wheelchair. Then something amazing happened. Check out how his life was changed by yoga in this article, Arthur Boorman | Most Inspirational Video Ever.

Arthur Boorman video
This is the most inspiring short video I have personally ever seen. Prepare yourself.
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