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Is Diet More Important Than Exercise?

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I learned the hard way that I couldn’t outrun my fork after spending years walking/running/biking daily to keep the weight off. It worked for a while until I exhausted myself and learned some discouraging facts. But, in the process, I also learned what true fitness is.

diet more important than exercise

Exercise to control weight

Around 1995, I was twenty-eight years old and somewhat overweight. I began an excruciating exercise program of power walking/ jogging 35-40 miles per week, in addition to biking 20 miles weekly.

Did I lose weight? Sure. Think of the calories I was burning! I thought I was eating healthier too, but learned later that what I thought was healthy, really wasn’t.

I was even featured in Shape Magazine’s Success Stories in July 1998. Yep, that’s me on right.

diet more important than exercise
Shape Magazine July 1998

A few years later, I started gaining a little bit of weight back, even though I was wearing myself out with exercise. I came across an article that said as we age, our metabolism slows down due to natural muscle mass decreases, so we need to increase our calorie-burning exercise. If we don’t, we gain 10 lbs every few years, even though we are still exercising.

I remember thinking, “WHAT?!” I was exercising myself to death to keep the weight off, and now I’m going to need to continually increase the intensity and distance, just to keep from gaining? That discouragement was the beginning of the end of my exercise-warrior days.

My weight increased and my health declined

I gradually began to put the weight back on and gained many more pounds in addition. Over the years, my health began to decline–high cholesterol, high blood pressure, swollen and painful joints, and hormonal issues.

I was only in my forties, and my lack of health had become a source of great stress. I couldn’t imagine what I would be like in my 60’s. My joints already hurt so much! Read my story HERE.

Then in February 2013, everything changed for me. After a year of my daughter asking me to watch a documentary called, Nutrition is key

I have found over the last few years that nutrition is indeed the key–the 80% of the equation–while exercise and stress management are also important–constituting the other 20%.

I have been able to lose all the pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Not with jogging 35 miles & biking 20 miles a week, even though I’m much older and should have a slower metabolism now–but by eating PLANTS!

Walking & yoga

Now, my exercise consists of walking and hiking with my German shepherd daily for 30-45 minutes and doing gentle yoga 4 days a week. That’s all it takes– not an exercise warrior mentality!

Every good fitness program starts with walking. Walking, by far, is the most underrated form of exercise. Not only does it burn calories, but it also reduces stress and helps regulate your wake-sleep cycle, especially if done outdoors. Not just strolling, but a good pace walk.

diet more important than exercise. blood pressure reading
Perfect blood pressure and completely medication-free.

My cholesterol runs around 141 these days. And my blood pressure? Well, see for yourself…and NO meds for it. And my joints…they’re excellent! No more inflammation and pain. I no longer worry about a slowing metabolism as I age or needing to forever increase my exercise program.  These days, I’m older and smarter. I know the truth.

Exercise and stress management are very important pieces to the health puzzle, it’s not whole without them. But, nutrition is the biggest piece of the picture. “You can’t outrun your fork.”

I’m back in control of my weight

I finally have control of my health! IT’S THE FOOD! –Dr. John McDougall.

Even if I knew my life would not be extended by one day, I would still make these healthy lifestyle changes, because now I know what feeling truly good at this stage in my life feels like. I don’t want to just live longer, but to live better.

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You can’t outrun your fork.

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