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What My Gentle Outdoor Exercise Program Looks Like

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Outdoor exercise

A few weeks  ago, I posted a blog, Optimal Health = 80% Nutrition + 20% Exercise & Stress Management. In it, I talked about the mid-1990s when I became an Exercise Warrior–power walking/jogging up to 40 miles each week, along with 20 miles on my bike, just to keep weight off.

Over the years, I grew weary of feeling chained to my strenuous exercise program and ‘gotta do it or get fat’ mentality. Back then it was, “No pain, no gain!” and “Just do it!” And well, I got very tired of it and stopped. So you know what happened, right? Yep, sadly, nearly 50 lbs. happened. Health issues happened. It wasn’t good.

Back then, I was doing everything wrong.  Now, I know healthy nutrition (plant-based, whole foods)  is what takes those pounds off and keeps them off! Exercise is indeed important, but it doesn’t have to be extreme, unless you just enjoy that speed and intensity, which I did not.

These days, I’m so much smarter! My exercise program is more enjoyable–yoga/stretching at least 3 days a week and walking/hiking in the woods each day with my German Shepherd. It’s a WIN-WIN because I usually do both outside, weather permitting, so I get my vitamin D from the sun, and being outside is my stress management therapy as well.


Today, my exercise routine brings me peace instead of stress. I have the freedom to enjoy moderate physical activity, instead of high intensity, and I still get the weight management and health benefits. I’m fit, strong, and flexible, without all the Exercise Warrior hoopla! I’m healthy, happy, and thankful! Find my story with before and after pictures HERE.

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