Sneak Peek into PCRM Food for Life Class (Video)

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I have been teaching the Physicians Committee award-winning Food for Life program since 2015, and it is very rewarding to be able to spread the message of hope and healing to people who are sick and hurting.

Food for Life classes

Many people have told me that they are curious about what the program is all about and how it looks in action, so I want to give you a sneak peek into one of my classes at a cancer center in SC, as well as share information about the different series.

In Food for Life, there are a number of different program series offered. You can click links below to see details on each one. The curriculum is developed by a team of physicians, nutrition experts, and registered dietitians.

KickStart Your Health

Diabetes Prevention & Treatment

Cancer Prevention & Survival

Employee Wellness Program

Kids Health Program

Programs are usually taught in a series of 4-5 classes, meeting once a week, but can be flexible to be presented in as little as 1 class or as many as 9.

Food for Life seminars are held nation-wide at hospitals, health resource centers, community centers, and other appropriate venues. Most of the venues I teach at are medical facilities, but I have also taught at colleges, churches, and other locations.

Each 2-hour class includes a short 15-minute nutrition video lecture by Dr. Neal Barnard (President of Physicians Committee), educational handouts, cooking demo of 3-4 new recipes, and all within a supportive setting.

Food for Life is completely evidence-based on scientific research and is not a sales outlet for supplements, pills, shakes, bars, or any specific food. We simply and effectively educate the public about which foods they should be eating and why. And, the best part is we even teach how to prepare them.

As you are about to see in this 6-minute behind-the-scenes sneak peek, there is a lot of learning, fun, eating, and support that happens in the Food for Life classes.

We also regularly see participants being able to reduce and come off of medications, losing weight, and just feeling better overall. It is unbelievably rewarding to be able to hold these people’s hands as they experience the amazing power that food has to heal the body.

Check out the link below to find out if there are classes being offered in your area.

Food for Life classes are not permitted to be filmed in their entirety. This is only a sneak peek into how they are structured and some participants’ interactions used with their permission.

Food for Life classes. recipes

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a non-profit organization that began in 1985 with only a handful of physicians but has grown to have more than 12,000 physician members. PCRM has been advancing healthcare through preventative medicine–especially through good nutrition–and through clinical research for over 3 decades.

Food for Life classes. Terri Edwards

Instructor, Terri Edwards, earned her Plant-Based Nutrition Certification through eCornell’s, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is licensed through Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as a Food for Life instructor.

To book Food for Life classes at your venue, contact Terri.

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