Drenda-Michell Brennan

Drenda-Michell Brennan

Drenda-Michell Brennan joined EatPlant-Based in January 2023 as a recipe developer and has continued to expand her skills into photography, SEO, technical assistance, and writing. She is a valued member of our team that continually impresses! Our EatPlant-Based community knows her as Chelbo from our Facebook Tuesday LIVES.

She lived in Japan in the 1980s and 90s where she enjoyed spending much of her time visiting the kitchens of family and friends, watching and learning to prepare traditional Japanese cuisine. 

Over the years, as her family grew, her family’s enjoyment of cooking and eating Japanese dishes together grew as well.  Many of the recipes she writes are a result of the strong affection for the family meal traditions they have developed over the years. 

She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis/autoimmune disease and it runs in her family. Not wanting to give up the foods she loves led her to begin to adapt the recipes for a plant-based lifestyle. Read about her health journey in this personal article.

Drenda-Michell is the mother of three Japanese-American grown children and grandmother (HuneyGram) to eight grandchildren. She is an avid apiarist and spends most of her time working with her bees. (#huneygramshoneybees.com) She also happens to be the sister of Terri Edwards, of EatPlant-Based. Read more about her story in this article, From Veggie Hater to Plant-Based.

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Drenda Michell Brennan Family
Drenda-Michell Brennan with her husband, children, their spouses, and her grandchildren