Drenda-Michell Brennan

Drenda-Michell Brennan

Drenda-Michell Brennan joined EatPlant-Based in January 2023 as a recipe developer and has continued to expand her skills into photography, SEO, technical assistance, and writing. She is a valued member of our team that continually impresses! Our EatPlant-Based community knows her as Chelbo from our Facebook Tuesday LIVES.

She lived in Japan in the 1980s and 90s where she enjoyed spending much of her time visiting the kitchens of family and friends, watching and learning to prepare traditional Japanese cuisine. 

Over the years, as her family grew, her family’s enjoyment of cooking and eating Japanese dishes together grew as well.  Many of the recipes she writes are a result of the strong affection for the family meal traditions they have developed over the years. 

She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis/autoimmune disease and it runs in her family. Not wanting to give up the foods she loves led her to begin to adapt the recipes for a plant-based lifestyle. Read about her health journey in this personal article.

Drenda-Michell is the mother of three Japanese-American grown children and grandmother (HuneyGram) to eight grandchildren. She is an avid apiarist and spends most of her time working with her bees. (#huneygramshoneybees.com) She also happens to be the sister of Terri Edwards, of EatPlant-Based. Read more about her story in this article, From Veggie Hater to Plant-Based.

Drenda Michell Brennan Family
Drenda-Michell Brennan with her husband, children, their spouses, and her grandchildren

Recipes & Articles by Drenda-Michell Brennan

bright blue bowl full of cashew cream on a wooden tabletop with raw cashews scattered around.

Vanilla Vegan Cashew Cream (in 10 minutes!)

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This super easy vanilla cashew cream recipe is amazing!  It’s a sweet, icing-like, topping that turns anything into a guilt-free dessert in only 10 minutes! 
mason jar full of healthy soup with rice and beans.

Mexican Soup in a Jar

Posted on
This Mexican soup in a jar offers both convenience and taste because all you have to do is add water, and it’s ready to enjoy. It simplifies meal preparation without…
small glass mason jar filled with homemade organic walnut butter with maple syrup.

Homemade Walnut Butter

Posted on
Let us show you how to make your own homemade walnut butter by simply roasting raw walnuts to bring out their natural oils and then blending them in a food…
asian mason jar soup with a fork lifting the noodles up out of the broth.

Asian Mason Jar Soup (Just Add Water)

Posted on
This Asian Mason Jar Soup is a meal prep dream, requiring minimal effort and zero cooking. Simply layer the fresh ingredients in a jar, add the broth base, seal the…
jars of spices around a dish with poultry seasoning blend and a measuring spoon

Best Homemade Poultry Seasoning

Posted on
This homemade poultry seasoning recipe adds a burst of deliciousness to vegetable dishes, elevating their flavor profile with a savory and aromatic blend of herbs and spices. Its versatility enhances…
spices mixed in a bowl making mild taco seasoning

Easy Taco Seasoning Mix Recipe

Posted on
Whipping up your own batch of Taco Tuesday magic with Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix is a breeze! You’ll be tempted to declare it Taco Fiesta every day of the week…
close up of peanut butter granola cereal homemade

Peanut Butter Granola Cereal

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This peanut butter granola cereal is the perfect make-ahead breakfast that is healthy and hearty enough to keep you full for hours. It is soft and chewy, perfect for all…
overhead shot of white bowl filled with japanese udon noodle vegetable soup with chopsticks and spoon

Vegetable Udon Noodle Soup

Posted on
This delicious udon noodle soup recipe is centered around thick chewy udon noodles in a rich dashi-based broth with vegetables, tofu, and tender mushrooms. It is a warm, comforting vegan…
white rectangular platter with a dozen oatmeal energy balls

Almond Butter and Oats Energy Ball Recipe

Posted on
Energy Balls are easy, no-bake snacks that can be assembled in mere minutes. They are packed with wholesome ingredients and serve as convenient options for on-the-go breakfasts and snacks.
woman rubbing painful hands with arthritis

Controlling Rheumatoid Arthritis with Diet

Posted on
Controlling symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis with diet is not something that most RA patients hear much if anything about. However, a healthy diet can play a huge role in managing…
somen noodle cold soup topped with green onions, seaweed, and sesame seeds on bamboo mat

Japanese Somen Cold Noodle Soup Recipe

Posted on
This quick and easy somen cold noodle soup recipe is a perfect light meal for cooling down on hot summer days. It is made with a delicious dashi broth and…
overhead shoto of vegan pasta primavera in country style plate with tomatoes

Vegan Pasta with Vegetables (Primavera)

Posted on
This delicious vegetable pasta dish is vegan, oil-free, and so super quick and easy to make that it makes the weekly rotation at our house all summer long! It can…
asian wooden bowl filled with rice and homemade furikake with chopsticks

Furikake (Japanese Rice Seasoning)

Posted on
Homemade furikake is a Japanese rice seasoning that is not just for rice. Sprinkle it on ramen noodles, veggie sushi, poke bowls, and even popcorn to easily add flavor to…
overhead shot of bowl of wasabi mayo

Easy Wasabi Mayo

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This plant-based wasabi mayo is good served as a dip for fries and veggies or as a spread for burgers and sandwiches. It is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and oil-free!
asian bowl filled with miso ramen noodles and veggies with chopsticks.

Vegan Miso Ramen Japanese Soup

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This Vegan Miso Ramen Japanese Soup is flavored with miso broth and a mix of vegetables like cabbage, green onions, and corn served over a bed of delicious ramen noodles…
finished jar of dashi broth without the lid

Easy Dashi Stock (Japanese Soup Broth)

Posted on
Dashi Stock is the key ingredient in many Japanese recipes, soups, and sauces. Using only 2 ingredients plus water, this meatless broth adds a deep, rich flavor to Asian and…
vegetarian sushi rolls bright and colorful

Sweet Potato Sushi Roll

Posted on
This vegetarian/vegan Sweet Potato Sushi Roll recipe is made with baked or roasted sweet potatoes, sushi rice, nori, and even other vegetables if you want to add them. It’s absolutely…
white oval plate with veggie sushi lined up on plate

Easy Vegan Veggie Sushi

Posted on
We love Vegan Sushi, but it can be so expensive to buy in restaurants. The good news is that it’s easy to make at home, and you can customize it…
sushi rice in wooden oval shaped bowl with chopsticks

How to Make Sushi Rice

Posted on
Make this easy Sushi Rice in your rice steamer, Instant Pot, or on the stovetop. With only 5 ingredients you can have sticky rice ready to make sushi for dinner…

How to Roll Sushi

Posted on
Learning How to Roll Sushi at home in your own kitchen saves money, and it isn’t difficult at all. With only a few ingredients, it is easy to make custom…
large stockpot filled with barley soup with vegetables and ladle

Barley Soup with Vegetables

Posted on
I love soup for so many reasons! Not only is it easy to make and super filling, but it reheats and freezes well too. This barley vegetable soup recipe is…
plant based success story

WFPB Diet: From Veggie Hater to Plant-Based

Posted on
I posted this picture on my big sister’s Facebook page sometime back. I’m so very proud of her! This is her plant-based diet weight loss before and after. Former vegetable-hater For…