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35 Healthy Vitamix Recipes

These simple Vitamix Recipes can be made in any blender but for the smoothest sauces, dips, and desserts, nothing beats my high-powered Vitamix.

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I own quite a few kitchen appliances, but my Vitamix is by far the one I could not do without. It’s something that I use every single day.

vitamix blender with frozen bananas, cocoa, and vanilla

Reasons I love my Vitamix

  • Easy to use
  • Gets any recipe nice and creamy
  • 2 horsepower
  • No need to soak cashews
  • Dependable
  • Cooling fan that protects the motor
  • Comes with a tamper to keep thick ingredients moving
  • 7-year warranty

Many recipes included in a plant-based vegan diet call for cashews, and if you’re using a low-power blender soaking the cashews is required. However, with a high-power blender like this one, there is no need for soaking anything in my experience.

cashew cheese ingredients in vitamix blender on white background

I actually have two 5200 Vitamix blenders because, when I teach large Food for Life classes, we make multiple Vitamix recipes such as smoothies, dips, and sauces.

If you want to save money by making your own oat flour for cooking healthy gluten-free recipes, look no further. Oat flour can be made nice and powdery in about a minute.

oat flour in vitamix

My favorite Vitamix recipes

All of the recipes in this list can be made in any blender, but I highly recommend a Vitamix for the very best quality.

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These vegan desserts will cure any sweet tooth, and they are so easy to make.

Vitamix DIPS

We love to be able to snack on healthy dips, and these are served regularly at my house.

Vitamix Vegan CHEESES

Contrary to popular belief, going vegan doesn't mean going cheeseless. These are some amazing vegan cheeses that will delight taste buds.

Vitamix SAUCES

This is a list of a variety of sauces that I make regularly. They are useful in so many recipes!

If you are looking for a delicious soup, try my Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup that is largely made in a blender.

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