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You don’t have to be plant-based to enjoy these oil-free Vegan Dessert Recipes. Anyone, and I do mean anyone–vegan, vegetarian, omnivore–will love these family favorites!

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When I need to take a dessert to a family function or social gathering, I love to make something not only sweet and delicious but also beautiful to catch everyone’s attention and make them want to try it. Deserts like my no-bake tofu chocolate pie and vegan chocolate balls are always a hit.

Most people can hardly believe that these desserts are actually much lower in fat than their traditional counterparts. They are made with less refined sugars and are completely free from oil, dairy, and eggs.

Which sweetener is healthiest?

To get away from white sugar which has basically zero nutritional benefits, I try to stick with the healthier sweetener options that still retain at least some nutrients that have not been stripped away. And, I never EVER use artificial sweeteners that are basically chemicals.

I want to be clear here and say that all sweeteners–even healthier ones–are going to raise sugar levels in the body. So, be aware that these recipes should only be occasional treats and are not for binging.

Lower-fat vegan desserts

This post is a round-up of some of my family’s favorite healthy vegan desserts. We have everything from chocolate cake and no-bake chocolate pie, to applesauce cinnamon muffins and glazed carrot cake. Believe it or not, they are even lower in fat than most dessert recipes.

On top of that, every single recipe is:

  • oil-free
  • dairy-free
  • egg-free
  • vegan
  • kid-tested
  • delicious

Top picks

It’s really hard to choose, but I think my personal favorite is the Crockpot Chocolate Lava Cake or possibly vegan carrot cake. My husband’s top pick is the No-Bake Chocolate Pie. I would love to hear which one is your favorite, so leave a comment below and let me know.

Easy vegan desserts (15 minutes or less)

Granted, some of the recipes in this list are more labor-intensive than others. Let’s face it, not everyone is good at baking, and you don’t have to be to make some of these desserts.

Here’s a short list of a few lazy vegan dessert recipes that can be whipped up in about 15 minutes or less.

There are even more easy recipes included in the list below, but these should give you the idea that making a delicious vegan dessert doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes it takes only a few minutes.

When the holidays roll around, this list of 33 Vegan Holiday Desserts can help too!

For those of you new to the whole food plant-based lifestyle, we’ve created a FREE 7-Day Plant-Based Menu Planner to help you get started!

*Originally published April 2019.

45 Vegan Dessert Recipes

You don’t have to be plant-based to enjoy these oil-free vegan dessert recipes. Anyone--and I do mean anybody–vegan, vegetarian, omnivore–will love these family favorites! Click on each of the photos, recipe titles, or 'Get the Recipe' buttons to see full recipes with ingredients, measurements, instructions, and a print button.

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