37 Delicious Vegan Appetizers

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Got a party to host or attend and need some vegan appetizers to steal the show? Well, you’ve hit the jackpot! Whether you’re gearing up for a game day bash or a festive Christmas party, we’ve got your back with a smorgasbord of delectable delights, ranging from finger foods to dips and wraps. Trust me, there’s a treat here for every taste bud in the crowd!

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Whether you’re fully plant-based, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or straddle the line between them all, you’re bound to adore these vegan party appetizers. With a spread this diverse, there’s a tasty treat for every palate!

We have a long list of healthy vegan appetizer ideas that are perfect for birthday parties, baby showers, tailgates, game day parties, and so much more.

37 Amazing Vegan Appetizer Ideas

These vegan appetizers are the perfect opportunity to spread the joy of plant-based eating with your loved ones! Show them that diving into vegan cuisine is not only delicious but also a delightful adventure packed with flavor and fun. So, let’s get this party started!

Best Vegan Appetizers

With a plethora of fantastic vegan appetizers out there, this list rounds up the cream of the crop! Get ready to dive into the very best of the best!

To make it even easier for those who need specific vegan appetizer ideas, I’ve created a few lists that should help narrow down your search and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for.

Roll & Wrap Vegan Appetizers

These delightful rolls and wraps are the ultimate party pleasers! With their vibrant colors and refreshing flavors, they’re as visually stunning as they are scrumptiously delicious.

  • Asian Fresh Spring Rolls. I seriously have an addiction to these beautifully healthy veg spring rolls! Whether they are dipped in peanut sauce or chili sauce, I’m perfectly happy with these crunchy flavorful masterpieces.
  • Sandwich Pinwheels. Dive into a flavor fiesta with these vegan sandwich pinwheels! Bursting with a lively mix of crisp veggies and scrumptious plant-based spreads, each bite is a party for your taste buds.
  • Collard Wraps with Peanut Sauce. These Collard Green Vegan Wraps with creamy peanut sauce offer a fresh, healthy main dish or appetizer bursting with vibrant color and loads of nutrition.
  • Easy Vegan Sushi. It doesn’t take fancy ingredients or a lot of time to make your own homemade vegetable sushi. Actually, it’s pretty fun to do and it makes a perfect finger food appetizer.
white plate with sandwich pinwheels and hummus in center

Game Day Healthy Appetizers

These healthy vegan game day appetizers are sure to be a hit because they offer a tantalizing array of flavors and textures that appeal to a wide range of tastes. From zesty dips to savory bites, they prove that nutritious eating can be just as satisfying during game-time festivities!

  • Cauliflower BBQ Wings. These Cauliflower Wings are terrific for game day or any day for that matter. We even eat them as a main dish.
  • Baked Blooming Onion. This delicious oil-free Blooming Onion is baked to crispy perfection and drizzled with amazing vegan chipotle sauce.
  • Black Bean & Corn Salsa. This easy Black Bean and Corn Salsa is a colorful delight and perfect for serving as an appetizer, side dish, or snack on game day!
  • Vegan Nacho Cheese. This Vegan Nacho Cheese is incredible as a dip for baked chips as well as on fries, baked potatoes, and pizza. For healthy burritos and quesadillas, it can’t be beaten!
  • Cashew Queso. Making Vegan Cashew Queso has never been easier than with this delicious 4 ingredient recipe that takes less than 5 minutes to make in your blender or food processor.
bbq carrot appetizer in stainless bowl

Christmas Vegan Appetizers

These vegan appetizers are perfect for Christmas parties and gatherings because they’re not only delicious but also packed with wholesome ingredients that promote well-being. From nutrient-rich dips to flavorful bites, they offer a festive spread that nourishes both body and soul, making holiday celebrations truly merry and bright!

  • No-Bake Chocolate Balls. Chocolate balls are simple, no-bake chocolatey truffles that are easy to make and loved by adults and kids alike. Whether you need a chocolate fix or a quick dessert to serve, these will be a big hit!
  • Little Smoky BBQ Carrots. These Crockpot Carrots are simmered in tangy BBQ sauce and are mouthwateringly delicious. They are perfect for holidays, game days, birthday parties, and even family dinners. Be forewarned, they’re super addictive!
  • Stuffed Mushrooms. These Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms are a fabulous side dish or appetizer for any occasion. This is a simple and savory recipe that is a snap to assemble and a real crowd-pleaser dish.
  • Loaded Potato Skin Bites. These loaded potatoes are the perfect snack or appetizer for family and social gatherings or game days. Not only do they make a beautiful display, but they also taste AMAZING!
chocolate balls on white plate with red cloth and Christmas ball decorations

Gluten-Free Appetizers

These gluten-free vegan appetizers are a fantastic choice for parties and gatherings because they cater to various dietary needs while still offering delicious and satisfying options.

  • Stuffed Dates. Sometimes you just need a little something sweet that doesn’t require a lot of effort. Whether you’re making a snack for yourself or a crowd, these easy Stuffed Dates are the perfect healthy dessert or snack.
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. This oil-free vegan Roasted Red Pepper Hummus recipe requires only a handful of ingredients and a few minutes to make. If you have 10 minutes and a blender or food processor, you’ve got a delicious healthy snack.
  • Crispy Roasted Chickpeas. These quick and easy Air Fryer Chickpeas are absolutely delicious and completely oil-free. Choose from this tasty assortment of flavors!

Easy Vegan Finger Food

These easy vegan finger foods are perfect for party appetizers because they’re quick to prepare, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and more time mingling with your guests. Plus, their bite-sized portions make them convenient to eat while socializing, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the festivities without missing a beat!

  • Almond Butter Energy Balls. Energy Balls are an easy, no-bake snack that can be assembled in mere minutes. They are packed with wholesome ingredients and serve as convenient options for snacks and appetizers.
  • Rainbow Fruit Skewers. These colorful Fruit Skewers are made with fresh fruit and lime sauce and are perfect for a healthy dessert or an impressive party appetizer.
  • Chocolate Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls are a deliciously rich classic candy, and this yummy homemade chocolate recipe is sure to please. It’s vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, and dairy-free, and it doesn’t require any cooking!
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. All the taste of Grandma’s cookies, but none of the fat! These Vegan Oatmeal Cookies are oil-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, with only 88 calories and 1 gram of fat per cookie!

More vegan appetizers

And if you’re looking for even more ideas, check out my Appetizers & Snacks category. Need something sweet? No problem! There’s a Desserts category too. For even more inspiration, take a look at this list that includes recipes from some of your favorite plant-based bloggers, Healthy Party Game Day Snacks.

How to Store Vegan Appetizers

Most vegan appetizers will need to be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Dips, salsa, and hummus will need to be stirred after refrigeration to freshen them up. The charcuterie board items will need to be bagged and stored individually for the best results.

While many of these recipes are freezable, please follow the storage instructions for each recipe to be sure they are freezer-friendly.

UPDATED: This post has been updated. The original post date was March 2021.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

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sour dough bread bowl filled with vegan spinach artichoke dip with chunks of bread surrounding
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Vegan Spinach Artichoke Dip

This vegan spinach artichoke dip is sure to be a hit at any pot-luck or game night! The recipe is so versatile, it can be made with white beans or cashews.
Prep: 15 minutes
Total: 15 minutes
Servings: 6 servings


  • 1/2 cup raw cashews or 3/4 cup white beans, drained
  • 1-2 tablespoon plant milk
  • 1/2 cup low-fat eggless mayo
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 2 medium garlic cloves
  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground mustard
  • black pepper to taste
  • 1.5 cups Artichoke hearts (12-15 oz can)
  • 10 oz frozen spinach, thawed (1.5 cups)

Easy Low-Fat Mayo

  • 12 oz soft silken tofu drained (up to 16 oz is fine)
  • 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoons Dijon mustard
  • ¼ teaspoon fine sea salt


  • The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of cashews, but those can be replaced with beans. You might even want to do a combination of both to reduce the calories slightly but still have the creamy cashew flavor.
  • Begin by making my delicious low-fat, eggless mayo that required only 5 ingredients and a blender to make and should only take about 5 minutes.
  • In a blender or food processor, add all 8 of the first ingredients: cashews (or white beans), plant milk, mayo, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and ground mustard. Blend until very smooth.
  • If using cashews and you have a high-power blender like a Vitamix, there is no need to soak the cashews. I use one for all of my recipes.
  • Make sure that your frozen spinach is completely thawed and drain the excess water from it. What I like to do is place the defrosted spinach on some paper towels and roll it up. Then, squeeze it over the sink.
  • Add the artichokes and pulse 1-2 times. I like to keep the artichoke hearts a bit chunk. If your blender is lower-powdered, you may have to add a little more almond milk if it's too thick for the blender.
  • Pour into a bowl and add the defrosted and drained spinach. Stir until incorporated well. This will take a couple of minutes to thoroughly distribute the spinach.
  • Serve with oil-free Mary’s Gone Crackers, chips, carrots, celery, or any other veggies of your choice. It's also fabulous in a sourdough bread bowl where you can use the bread chunks as dippers.

Easy Mayo:

  • Add all mayoingredients to a blender and process until smooth. This will make moremayonnaise than needed for the dip. Pour leftovers into an airtight containerand store for 7-10 days in the refrigerator. It is great on sandwiches and inother dips and sauces.



Detailed instructions, in-process photos, and my personal helpful tips can be found in the article above.
Your Recipe Questions Answered:
  • Q: Can I add vegan cheese to this recipe? Yes! If you would like to push this spinach artichoke dip over the top, add my Vegan Mozzarella Cheese and pop it in the oven at 400°F for about 10 minutes.
  • Q: What kind of healthy chips can I serve this with? Homemade corn tortillas are SO easy to make. They make a perfect accompaniment for this dip. Other options include Easy Crispy potato chips and Mary’s Gone Crackers.
  • Q: Can I just add the spinach to the blender instead of stirring it in a bowl? I don’t recommend it. Blending the spinach with the other ingredients in a blender causes it to turn an ugly green color. It tastes the same but doesn’t make a good impression.


Calories: 185kcal | Carbohydrates: 27.3g | Protein: 15.2g | Fat: 2.3g | Fiber: 16.5g


To obtain the most accurate representation of the nutritional information in a given recipe, you should calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients used in your recipe, using your preferred nutrition calculator. You are solely responsible for ensuring that any nutritional information provided is accurate, complete, and useful.

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