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25 Easy Plant-Based Diet Snacks in 15-Minutes

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There are lots of healthy snacks that can be included in a plant-based diet and, for this list, we are sticking with the easy ones that can be made in 15-minutes or less.

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Making healthy choices for snacking on a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. There are actually plenty of options available that don’t take a lot of time.

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Plant-based diet snacking tips

Many of you may be new to this plant-based diet thing and wondering what in the world you can eat for meals much less snack on.

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The good news is that whether you are looking for meals or snacks the basics are that we are avoiding meat, dairy, and overly processed foods and eating closer to the plant.

High-fat overly processed snacks abound on the shelves of grocery stores, but they certainly don’t make for optimal nutritional value.

When it comes to snack time, finding something low-fat and healthy to eat quickly is key to helping to stay on target and not making poor choices.

Whether you’re in the mood for sweet, savory, or just plain crunchy, there are plenty of recipes to choose from in this list.

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Plant-Based Snacks in 15-Minutes or Less

Healthy snacking does not have to be difficult. All of the recipes in this list can be made in 15-minutes or less!

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plant based snacks photo collage for pinterest
plant based snacks photo collage for pinterest

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