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38 Lazy Vegan Recipes | Quick Meals

A common misconception is that preparing healthy plant-based meals requires a lot of time and effort spent in the kitchen, but the following Lazy Vegan Recipes completely bust that myth!

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If you’re wondering what in the world to make when you get home from work that is both vegan and healthy, then take a look at the list below of recipes that can be made in under 30-minutes.

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These are meals like pizza, soup, salads, and even a few breakfast recipes that will delight your taste buds.

What to cook on a lazy day

There are two different scenarios for not wanting to spend time in the kitchen. You’ve had a crazy busy day or you’re still in your pajamas at 2 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday and just have no desire to be in the kitchen.

#1 Too tired to cook

There is a sure-fire way to avoid getting trapped in the pitfall of running through a drive-through window because making a meal will take too long after an exhausting day at work.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT too time-consuming or expensive to eat vegan/plant-based. The recipes below don’t require any fancy ingredients and most–if not all–can be found in your average grocery store.

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#2 Lazy vegan

I mean no disrespect here because goodness knows there are days that I too fall into this category of being a lazy vegan.

It’s not always about not having time, sometimes I’m just not in a cooking mood. Oftentimes, I would just rather be outside taking a walk, reading a good book, or binge-watching a great show.

That’s completely okay, especially when there are meals I can pull together in only a few minutes to get me back to the things I’d rather be doing.

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Keeping lazy vegan meal ingredients on hand

The key here is to try a few of these recipes to find the ones your family really likes, and then keep the ingredients on hand so that you can pull it all together quickly and be sitting with your family at the table enjoying dinner in minutes.

I’m all about fast and convenience, and these recipes make a great example of how my family keeps it simple and quick. You will find a bunch of new recipes here for your family to fall in love with that will keep you all healthy and feeling great!

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Lazy Vegan Recipes

No time to cook? No problem! With these lazy vegan recipes, there's no need to be in the kitchen for more than a few minutes.

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